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Izmenjava na Portugalskem

Termin usposabljanja na Portugalskem: 25. 11. 2018 - 1. 12. 2018

Udeleženci mobilnosti na Portugalskem: Jerca Podobnik, Klara Kadunc, Martin Božnar, Nika Golob, Aljaž Podlesnik, Sara Podbregar

Spremljevalna učitelja na Portugalskem: Meta Vovk, Jure Ausec

Dan 6 (30. 11. 2018)

Day 5 (29. 11. 2018)

Today we woke up at 8:00 and went on a breakfast with Portuguese students. After the breakfast we went to the Sealife Aquarium. There we saw many different species of animals - turtles, fishes, sharks and many others. We even saw how they fed the sharks. Later we tried to feed the shark and rays. It was really amazing experience. After the aquarium we spent some time in the mall where we had picnic and we also had time to buy some souvenirs. It was great. After the shopping we went to the Museum of biodiversity. A really nice man showed us the museum and told us some really interesting things. We tried to smell different smells and we looked at different shapes of eggs. I think that now we understand evolution and the meaning of maintaining biodiversity much better. After the museum tour we went back to the hotel, where we took a nap. Later we went on a diner with all of the students and teachers. We hang out and we had really good time together.

Day 4 (28. 11. 2018)

Today we woke up at 7:30 and went to breakfast at 8:00, then we met in front of the hotel with all the other students and left. We went to a botanical garden where we did an exercise about biodiversity and trees. When we were finished the activities in the botanical garden we went out to eat. In the afternoon we had a field activity related to invasive species – we tried some innovative methods for destroying the invasive species (peeling the top layer of the tree trunk). We left at 17:00 and continued the trip on our own – we went to see Porto without rain. After the walk at the riverside, we went for a dinner to a cereal café. They offer around 120 different types of cereals and 40 different toppings. We could each make his own mixture which was really interesting and funny. After the dose of sugar, we returned to the hotel.

Day 3 (27. 11. 2018)

Today we woke up at half past seven and went to breakfast. After the breakfast we had a short break, and then we went to natural protected area Vile de Conde nearby the coast, where we could see examples of Portugal invasive species. We realized that there are much more invasive species in Porto than in Slovenia.

After we saw the invasive plants, we went to lunch, after that we were playing table football with students from Sweden and Belgium.

In the afternoon we visited biotechnical research center in Porto, where people make different researches, for example about Portugal invasive species in water. After the snack we went to the hotel, fifteen minutes to seven we had to meet in the restaurant and there we peacefully finished the day with a good dinner.                         

Day 2 (26. 11. 2018)

Our day started at about 8 o'clock when we woke up and we went on a breakfast. After the breakfast we got ready for the day ahead of us. School bus picked us up at 10:15, all of us from the hotel, so that's Slovenian, Belgian and Sweden students and teachers. We drove to the school, where the students gave us a warming welcome. We introduced each other and we presented our school and country. After that we went for a lunch, which was quite good. We liked dining room more, because students have a TV to play Playstation, and they also have table tennis and hand football. After the lunch we split into 2 groups. One was researching the invasive species in Portugal and the other one went on a hike and drive with a bus to see and talk about invasive species. We also changed the groups, and then went back to the hotel. After that we immediately went to the beach and we took some great photos of the sunset. The waves were quite big. Our day ended with welcome dinner with all the participants in the project. The food was delicious and we also made some new friends. We came back to the hotel late, so we soon fell asleep, because we were so tired.

Day 1 (25. 11. 2018)

We gathered at 4.45 in from of our school. Some students had to drive for an hour to school, so they had to get up in the middle of the night. Great thanks to our parent who were prepared to take us to school at that time. Are journey wasn’t simple: first we had to travel by van to Trieste airport, than we flew to Munich, changed a plane there and continued our flight to Porto. Luckily, Portuguese teachers and their school driver waited for us at the airport, so we didn’t have to improvise with metro and buses.

We settled at the hotel Brazao and then decided to go to Porto (we live in Villa de Conde, about 10 km from Porto city center). We had some problems buying the tickets, but at the end we managed to catch the tram. After 45 minutes, we were in Porto city center. Meanwhile the rain started and it was also very cold, so we made just a short walk around the city and then went back to the metro (after a short stop for hot chocolate). We needed a good night sleep so we went to bed as soon as we came back to the hotel.