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Teaching Outdoor - Interpretation and Actualisation of The Landscape and Geography (Lake Bled, Slovenia)

Location  Lake Bled (Slovenia)

Duration  5-day

Trainer     Mojca Logar

Topics      Learning outside the classroom, Local environment, How to market a

                 landscape, Local geography, botany, geology

Specifics   Walking about 5 km every day :)


Course dates


  • 1. – 5. Jul 2024
  • 19. – 23. Aug 2024



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Course description

The Lake Bled area is one of Slovenia's most recognisable tourist destinations, and the landscape itself is changing as a result. Mankind has been present here since prehistoric times, but has shaped the landscape mostly since the Middle Ages, when the Bishops of Brixen settled here.

The course is based on the knowledge of a landscape shaped by a glacier and a river during the last ice age.

We will learn about the nature trail along the Sava River, which presents the geomorphological structure of the landscape, the rocks that are present here, the fauna, flora, hydrological features and especially the presence of fish in the Sava River.

Udin Boršt is a protected nature reserve. There are karst phenomena in conglomerate, which is a special feature in Slovenia and we are going to explore them.

The medieval town of Radovljica is a jewel, rich in history and beautifully restored. Today's life in the medieval town is an example of good cooperation between the inhabitants, the caterers and other tourism providers. They are aware of the limitations, advantages and above all the opportunities of living in a medieval town. We will learn about the biggest festivals in the town.

We will get to know the Pokljuka Gorge, through which runs a very popular Juliana trail.

More and more tourists are travelling the country in a sustainable way - on foot or by bicycle - as this is the way to experience, get to know and, above all, feel the landscape.


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+386 41 499 936


Price: 400€



Outcomes and competences

In the course the participants will explore how to:

  • Observe tourist development of Bled, its possibilities for progress, its natural and sustainable potentials and opportunities.
  • Identify different tree species and the usefulness of forest fruits and wood.
  • Familiarise yourself about field learning, different didactic games in the forest and the landscape.
  • Get familiar with the elements of a forest bath, different relaxation techniques.
  • Identify the different geomorphological forms of the landscape, the hydrographs and the different rocks in the landscape.
  • Learn about the history of a medieval town on-site - in the town of Radovljica.
  • Learn about beekeeping in Slovenia, honey and candle making.
  • Identify the different types of fish in the Sava River.
  • Walking along the Juliana Trail and observe how a gorge is formed.
  • Identify karst landforms in the conglomerate karst.
  • Try out quick and simple fieldwork methods, mathematics in the forest.
  • Identify and taste local cuisine, pick herbs in the forest and in the school garden.
  • Prepare simple dishes with what we collect and create.
  • Walking about 5 km every day :)



Schedule of the contents

DAY 1: Bled and surroundings

  • Introduction to the course.
  • Learning about the surroundings of Bled, how the glacial lake with the boulder in the middle and the church was formed.
  • Learning about the history of Bled and seeing the main sights
  • A stop at the park of trees planted by the lake
  • Learning about the ecological problems of algae blooms and pollution of the lake.
  • Walking along the thematic educational trail along the lake
  • Hiking to the viewpoints of Dobra gora and Straža
  • A stop at the Bled Rowing Club

DAY 2: Radovljica and the Sava Learning Trail

  • Walking through the medieval town of Radovljica and learning about the mead and candle making crafts.
  • Learning about the tradition of chocolate making and the old music festival in Radovljica.
  • On a nature trail along the Sava River, we will learn about the geomorphology of the surrounding area, the rocks, animals and plants in the vicinity of the Sava River.
  • Identification of different species of fish and learn how increasingly warm summers with less rainfall affect the life of fish in the river.

DAY 3: The Pokljuka Gorge and the Juliana trail

  • Visiting the Pokljuka Gorge in the village of Krnica on the way to Pokljuka.
  • Walking part of a long-distance footpath around the Julian Alps and observe the natural and cultural heritage along the way.
  • Learning how to design such a trail, what the pitfalls and dangers are and observing how hikers behave along the way.
  • Visiting the village of Gorje and the possibilities for growing currants.

DAY 4: School Biotechnical Centre Naklo and Udin Boršt

  • Visiting the Naklo Biotechnical Centre - a school centre where teaching is continuously linked to theory and practice.
  • Picking medicinal herbs in the school garden and preparing a tasty snack.
  • Walking along the Udin borsšt and learning about the karst landforms in conglomerate.
  • Learning more about local history and the history of Udin boršt, where people found different ways of hiding from their persecutors in the past.

DAY 5: Šobec campsite

  • Walk to the Šobec campsite (the best campsite in Slovenia) and record its impact on the environment.
  • Relaxation in the forest and a forest bath.
  • Evaluation and summarising; insights on new working methods and ways of working.



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