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Keep Calm and Teach Teens – It Can Be Fun! (Lake Bled, Slovenia)

Location  Lake Bled (Slovenia)

Duration  5-day

Trainer     Irena Šubic Jeločnik

Topics      Teaching teenagers, ELT methodology, Self-Confidence, Adapting your
                  work environment, Class management, Balanced teacher


Course dates


  • 8. – 12.  Jul 2024
  • 12. - 16. Aug 2024


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Course description

Teaching and even raising teenagers can be a lot of fun, stress-free and effortless at least most of the time, if not all the time.

By finding your inner strength and resources, integrating into your teaching a set of underlying, long-term strategies and activities, developing a teaching ‘flow’ and strengthening your confidence, tweaking your work environment and insisting on a fair amount of personal time, hobbies and sports, you can be(come) a cool/-er, happy/-ier and more balanced teacher and person.

The course is targeted primarily at English teachers who teach teenagers of all language levels but can indeed be enjoyed by educators across a range of subjects and contexts, such as self-study centre staff, school administrators, private teachers, parents and more.
Course attempts to reassure experienced teachers in their ways, making the most of their teaching ‘routine’ and experience.

Course also supports beginner teachers by suggesting a few shortcuts into an anxiety-free teaching life or mostly so. While personal and anecdotal the course content is ultimately authentic and – it is no artificial intelligence.


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+386 4 6202 663

+386 41 499 936


Price: 400€



Outcomes and competences

In the course the participants will explore how to:

  • Find, focus on and maintain flow and confidence in the classroom. 
  • Find, focus on and maintain work-life balance.
  • Explore and add to their arsenal of classroom strategies and activities.
  • Look into long-term tools to enhance student involvement and reduce screen-time.
  • Look into ways of encouraging an active and sustainable lifestyle.



Schedule of the contents
DAY 1:

  • Learning about each other & course expectations
  • 2’-talk: Developing communication skills and building a meaningful connection with the students.
  • 10’-read: Developing reading comprehension and study skills.
  • The death of a Method: Principled eclecticism.
  • Logbook: Developing metacognitive skills and reflection to support (plan, evaluate etc.) learning.

DAY 2:

  • Peer-evaluation: Developing a system of peer- and self- evaluation to assess writing and speaking (oral presentations)
  • Work-life balance 1: Tweaking your school environment to increase work satisfaction
  • Work-life balance 2: Insisting on a fair amount of personal time, hobbies and sports
  • Being authentic: How it can reduce risk of burnout and mental health issues

DAY 3:

  • Innovative does not equal digital
  • Long-term tools to enhance student involvement and reduce screen-time: (handwriting, posters, magazine)

DAY 4:

  • Agenda 2030 across subjects: Reducing your carbon footprint & encouraging a sustainable lifestyle
  • Documentaries: How to get the most out of them
  • Reducing sedentarity 1: Encouraging an active lifestyle in and outside the classroom
  • Reducing sedentarity 2: Outdoor activities

DAY 5:

  • Are you good enough (and why shouldn’t you be)?
  • Boosting your confidence and getting rid of the imposter syndrome while setting an example of healthy sloppiness
  • Implementation ideas
  • Final remarks and outcomes
  • Evaluation



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