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A Transformative Journey for Educators - From Inner Calm to Lasting Impact (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Location  Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Duration  5-day

Trainer     Mateja Katona

Topics      Personal Growth, Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Inner State
                  communication, Resolving Disagreements, Stages of Conflict


Course dates


  • 22. - 26. Jul 2024
  • 12. - 16. Aug 2024


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Course description

The practical part of the course will look at an environment that supports, welcomes and recharges you, and how your body responds to this environment compared to one that does not. You will experience and learn how boundaries are created and how the human body sets and perceives boundaries.

You will approach and isolate criticism of yourself and others to see how you can deal with it to better help your own development and progress.

You will get to know the tools that will help you being aware of your response to the new conditions and strengthen your inner forces. These are a set of tools to help you become aware of your inner world in a way that will enable you to respond to it and enable you to develop your inner powers.

The course offers a deep experience of connection, which can be maintained through practice and cultivation. It is the first step on your way to self-discovery.


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Outcomes and competences

In the course the participants will explore how to:

  • Recognize how sense perception of the external world creates bodily sensations and their impact on personal perception
  • Learn to leverage self and external criticism for valuable insights into self-awareness.
  • Develop practical skills for recognizing and understanding destructive patterns, guiding introspection or healing.
  • Understand the stages of conflict escalation to navigate conflicts effectively and grasp the effect on human morality.
  • Cultivate empathy and compassion, leading to internal transformation and a more compassionate approach to others.
  • Understand the importance of a patient, accepting, and non-judgmental attitude in fostering autonomy.
  • Grasp the significance of transitioning from inner calmness to contributing positively to the students, colleagues and personal relationships.


Price: 400€

Schedule of the contents
DAY 1: Self in the World: The embodied journey through our Sensations

  • Introduction to the course.
  • Getting to know each other and icebreaking activity.
  • Identification and exploration of actual and individual environment and how participants relate to it.
  • Activities and embodiment practice to explore environmental effect on bodily sensations through senses.

DAY 2: Navigating Criticism and Setting Boundaries

  • Exploration of supportive and challenging environment and position of self in it.
  • Seated practice on exercising awareness of mental, emotional and physical reaction to chosen challenging social environment.
  • Learning aspects of criticism for personal exploration.
  • Focused attention practice on self-criticism.
  • Practical work on awareness of own boundaries, sharing and discussion.

DAY 3: Understanding Conflict Dynamics

  • Practical experience of the body's response to approval and rejection.
  • Analysing an example of conflict in a role-playing game, exploring what draws us into conflict, and examining subsequent occurrences in individuals and the space between conflicting parties.
  • Experiencing and heightening an awareness of signals indicating conflict, examining them within an individual's environment.
  • Introducing nine steps of deepening conflict.

DAY 4: Empathic Engagement

  • Empathetically turning to critical and conflictual aspects, providing space and approaching them through bodily sensations and mapping.
  • Experiential practice to acknowledge the areas where empathy brings change and how that change is felt in our bodies.
  • Sharing experiences in pairs and groups.

DAY 5: Autonomous Self Meeting the World

  • Practical decision-making work.
  • Insight into individual actions and reactions.
  • Acting from an autonomous self.
  • The experience of group cohesion in an individual's functioning.
  • Reflection on the experiential process.
  • Takeaway – How to apply it in everyday life.


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