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International Courses ERASMUS+

1. A Transformative Journey for Educators - From Inner Calm to Lasting Impact (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

2. Keep Calm and Teach Teens – It Can Be Fun! (Lake Bled, Slovenia)

3. Teaching Outdoor - Interpretation and Actualisation of The Landscape and Geography (Lake Bled, Slovenia)

4. Forest pedagogy 1 – Discovering the enchanting secrets of the forest (Lake Bled, Slovenia) for PRIMARY SCHOOL

5. Forest pedagogy 2 – A deep dive into the complexity of forest ecosystems for educators (Ljubljana, Slovenia) for SECONDARY/HIGH SCHOOL

6. The Green Classroom: Enhancing Tree Health and Eco-Education through Arboricultural Practice (Ljubljana, Slovenia)


Our locations - Lake Bled and Ljubljana

LAKE BLED enjoys a reputation for its exceptional beauty

Bled, with its surroundings and natural beauty, is one of the most beautiful Alpine Resorts, characterised by its mild, climate and thermal lake water.

The image of Bled with the Lake and small Island in the middle of the lake and the Castle perched on a rock above are the lake landmarks.

Bled attracts explorers, recreationalists, business people, artists, athletes, young and old people from all over the world. Its beauty captivates them and convinces them to come back again and again.

Bled's natural beauty, historical sights and favourable geographical location make it the best place to visit. The beauty of the mountains is reflected in the lake's surface, the sun, the calmness and fresh air evoke extremely pleasant feelings for visitors at any time of the year and provide ideal conditions for a pleasant break or an active holiday.

Background of this paradise are the wooded slopes of Jelovica, Pokljuka, the peaks of the Julian Alps with the highest peak Triglav, the symbol of Slovenia, and the Karavanke Mountains.

In the middle of the lake is a romantic little island with a Church of Our dear Lady or Mary’s Church. The island and the church have a rich history. The church and houses on the island and the famous Wishing-Bell from 1543.

In addition to these sights, there are many other attractions in Bled and the surrounding area other sights worth seeing.


Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and lies halfway between Vienna and Venice. It is a cultural, political and economic centre. With its rich history, picturesque bridges, green parks and lively squares, Ljubljana is an attractive destination for tourists and residents alike.

Ljubljana is also known for its green nature, surrounded by forests and parks such as Tivoli, Rožnik and the Špica relaxation spots, which offer residents and visitors opportunities for recreation and relaxation in nature. In addition, the city is known for its excellent culinary offer, which ranges from traditional Slovenian dishes to modern culinary trends.

The town is known for its picturesque architecture, which combines different styles throughout history, including medieval, baroque, Renaissance and Art Nouveau buildings.

Ljubljana's most famous landmarks include Ljubljana Castle, which rises above the city on a hill, Prešeren Square with the Prešeren Monument and St Nicholas Cathedral. In particular, the famous architect Jože Plečnik, the author of one of the most original works of the 20th century on a global scale, made a special mark on his hometown.

Ljubljana is also known for its vibrant culture, which includes numerous festivals, concerts, theatres and museums. Every year, Ljubljana hosts international events such as the Ljubljana International Summer Festival.

In recent years, Ljubljana has also become an important centre for sustainable development, and has been declared the Green Capital of Europe. The city is actively engaged in preserving the environment, promoting sustainable transport and green policies, and creating a pleasant living environment for its inhabitants.

Overall, Ljubljana is a beautiful city that combines rich history, culture, nature and modern life, making it an attractive destination for visitors and a great place to live.