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Scientific and professional fields


eco farming, hidden opportunities of rural areas, management in agriculture, marketing services and products, advantages and disadvantages of new technology implementations in agriculture, computer literacy development in agriculture, landscape architecture in rural areas, sources of farm's income, education for the countryside development, agricultural economy, sustainable development of rural areas, human capital in agriculture, potentials of development, social entrepreneurship, direct sales, partnerships in agriculture, apiculture, biodynamics, permaculture, healty food - healthy people, medicinal herbs, modern farmer's competencies



alternative sources of energy, waste, marketing services and products, invasive plants in local environment, invasive animal species in local environment, environmental education significance for society, raising level of awarness, energy efficiency, environmental impacts, green economy and sustainable development, protected areas, mountain trails, technological solutions, ICT, preservation of the landscape from the perspective of environmentalism, soil ecology, environmentalism as a problem of rural or urban areas, acting on a local level, is ecology ideolog?, water - source of life, usage of knowledge in nature and environment



horticulture, floristics, landscape architecture, co-natural landscape architecture, decorative plants appropriate for landscape planting, entrepreneuship, marketing services and products, arrangement of the outdoor living environment exerts influence on arrangement of the outdoor living environment exerts influence on arrangement of internal living environment, flowers and culture of the Slovenes, entrepreneurial opportunities for the young generation, arrangement of the living environment, development of tourism in rural areas, urban horticulture, arboristics, horticulture and dwelling culture, innovations in decorative plants production, quality of horticultural plants, significance of professional education in the field od horticulture, horticulture as art, applied horticulture, healthy life style in tidy environment



innovativness in food processing, alimentation of various social classes, food products marketing, marketing services and products, healthy nutrition for healthy life style, healthy life style promotion, home brand, production and processing - a challenge for supplemental activities, safety in food production chain, nutrition and modern society, technologies, products development and marketing, marketing roads and sales tools for produce and products, nutrition and sports, logistics, protection of food

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