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About us


We are truly interested in taking part in various projects with partners abroad. If you are interested too, please contact us.

You are most welcome to visit our Centre and find out more about us and our work.


Biotechnical Centre Naklo

Strahinj 99, 4202 Naklo, Slovenia

T: +38642772100, F: +38642772118




Our Centre has 3 units: Secondary school/High School, Higher Vocational College, Business Educational Centre. Within Higher Vocational College operateas Research Unit. All our programmes in secondary school can be carried out as adult education (Life Long Learning) as well.  In 2007 we celebrated hundredth anniversary. We have 110 staff, our primary activity is education and training to qualify  students.

This school year we have 887 students in secondary school in different programmes: Biotechnical gymnasium, agriculture, horticulture, food-processing, nature conservation and housekeeping. In Higher Vocational College there are 280 students.

Our school centre is located on 4 hectares of build-up area and school has extra 22 hectares of agricultural area. Our Centre is ecologically orientated.

Biotechnical centre Naklo cooperates with local community with different projects, organizes and caries out professional events mainly on the field of nature conservation.

We participate in different projects: Leonardo (Italy, France, Portugal), Eco school , Comenius , Phare, Innovative projects (School Quality), Leonardo da Vinci, Unicef, Unesco, Erasmus. We want to develop intercultural relations (exchange of students and teachers), we want to promote our national heritage,  to develop cooperation, team work, to exchange our experiences.

We have activities such as courses, seminars and creative workshops. We also have some other activities: science and nature activities for primary schools, fair activities, exhibitions (Christmas, Easter, after final exams), events and performances in our gym (graduation balls, cultural events).

Research work is developed in our school. We give our students a lot of possibilities and support to join the research work.

We have school shop and numerous things – our products, can be bought there (cheese, yoghurts, Mascarpone, pastry, flowers, plants, flower arrangements).