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VIVUS 2020: Research Challenges and Developmental Opportunities

6th international VIVUS Conference

We are looking forward to the 6th international VIVUS Conference. This time it is entitled »Research challenges and developmental opportunities«, following the idea of inviting academic and professional public to a better tomorrow for all. There will be four sessions with contributions on agriculture, environmentalism, horticulture, floristics, and food and processing.

Changes should be the only constancy. Changes of routine business practice, taking care of the environment and people and economic efficiency present the basis of sustainable development. The values of nature, diversity, wonderful landscape and culture should be appreciated as a jewel that must be bestowed upon future generations. Development depends on enterprising,  proactive, innovative people with sustainable ideas in the context of  the management of limited, precious natural resources.

The conference is supposed to be  increasingly connecting academic achievements and professional solutions. As such, it firstly presents a challenge and secondly opportunities for connecting and placement of future ideas for the presence in the international environment, simple mobility, awareness of the ecosystems fragility and the richness of the heritage for the high quality life in rural areas.

It is our great honour and privilege to invite you to send your papers to our conference VIVUS, where you can present and share your findings, experiences and projects with other experts from various areas. 

dr. Franc Vidic,

Chair of the Programme Committee

Poceedings of the 6th VIVUS Conference